LexiconAI is built for lawyers, doctors and other professionals who are frustrated with the valuable hours they lose filling out paperwork. LexiconAI empowers professionals by providing them with an intuitive, easy to use user interface that is hands and eyes free. With LexiconAI, professionals can tackle their documentation at twice the speed of typing, saving time and money.




Matt Rubashkin, CEO

Matt has engineered big data platforms and designed large scale analytic services for several Fortune 500 companies. He founded Synrexis, a small consulting company, and was the first employee at BioActive Surgical Inc., a Baltimore biotechnology company. At Silicon Valley Data Science, Matt pioneered deep learning on GPUs.

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Ian Plosker, CTO

Ian founded and built Orchestrate, a cloud database platform, that was acquired in 2015. He has experience in business development, managing large development teams, and building out cloud and machine learning products.